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The beautiful semi-precious amethyst watch collection by Sophia Jackson is delicate and feminine as well as luxuriously regal in its marbled appearance. Soft and elegant as well as a stunning statement piece, the lavender-hued amethyst watch is a must-have piece for every woman’s jewellery collection.

Known as the stone for protection, each amethyst dial is uniquely sourced and cut with a natural, unique finish.

Forming in spectacular clusters, amethyst is a striking purple-toned semi-precious crystal stone, ranging from a softly-hued violet to deep indigo. As popular as amethyst is beautiful, it is also known to emit a very gentle energy and for that reason it is often thought of as an all-rounder in terms of healing and spiritual properties. It is known to be soothing and calming whilst also being incredibly powerful in terms of healing properties and purifying. Which stone will you choose for your Sophia Jackson watch?

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