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The semi-precious hematite watch collection by Sophia Jackson is sleek, refined and elegant in style with an elusive edge. Hematite is a beautifully dark semi-precious crystal with a grey black colour and metallic shimmering hues evoking a steely confidence that’s both alluring, sophisticated and incredibly chic.

Known as the stone for protection, each hematite dial is uniquely sourced and cut with a natural, unique finish.

Hematite is known to help absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is known to be a protective stone known as "a stone for the mind" it is a beautifully dark semi-precious crystal ranging from grey black and metallic shimmering hues. A stone for the mind, hematite is ideal for enhancing mental abilities and memory, as well as balancing the physical and emotional bodies and focusing energy towards cultivating positivity and peace. Which stone will you choose for your Sophia Jackson watch?

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