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Delicate and easy to wear, the Sophia Jackson precious solo diamond collection is a simple and effortless way to incorporate a little luxury into every day diamonds. Elevate your style with our customisable feature, personalise your own watch with a central pave precious solo diamond, totalling 0.10 carats, set flush against your chosen semi-precious crystal stone watch face. Sophia Jackson only select the finest diamonds, amongst the purest available. Our Sophia Jackson solo diamonds are genuinely tested and certified.  

Sophia Jackson only select the finest diamonds in the colourless and near colourless range, making our collection of solo diamonds amongst the purest available.


Known in the mineral world as the ‘king of the crystals’, diamonds represent the sun in the solar system and is able to maintain its energy. Forming in stunning crystals of flashing prisms, light is transformed as it enters into a diamond and reflects beautiful shades of pink, blue and green light, creating a dazzling effect. The diamond is a powerful stone of purity, harmony and protection and can be used to stimulate love and self-love as well as bringing clarity and insight to one’s awareness.

A precious stone, genuine diamond is a symbol of purity and love. Will you choose a solo diamond for your Sophia Jackson watch?

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