With stunning design elements, a stainless steel bracelet watch is a modern must-have with timeless elegance.

The stainless steel watch straps by Sophia Jackson offer an intricately decorative style that’s also highly wearable for every occasion and undeniably cool. The design details of each stainless steel watch strap beautifully complements the sleek and effortless look of the steel, creating a contemporary feel with timeless appeal. Designed and crafted for durability, versatility and wearability, Sophia Jackson’s stainless steel watches pair together perfectly with all precious metals, from champagne gold to rose gold. Each stainless steel watch is crafted from the finest grade steel for durability, versatility and longevity. Each stainless steel strap can also be adjusted according for the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Opt for a durable stainless steel watch strap with the same luxurious style synonymous with the Sophia Jackson design aesthetic, for a look that’s both classic and cool. Form and function fuse perfectly in Sophia Jackson’s beautifully crafted stainless steel watch straps; with decorative design details and a chic urban-look, a stainless steel watch strap by Sophia Jackson offers the ultimate in sophistated-cool for the discerning woman. Designed and crafted for durability, versatility and wearability.
If you like to have the option to interchange the straps of your watch, every Sophia Jackson watch has interchangeable straps so you can customise your watch to suit your mood for every occasion or simply to create a completely different look. Try switching out the stainless steel strap for a soft rose gold strap, a classic champagne gold strap, a sophisticated silver strap or a mesh strap. You can also choose from our buttery-soft vegan leather straps or our authentic high-grade leather strap collection.

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