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An excellent choice for minimalists, a semi-precious white agate crystal watch from Sophia Jackson is effortlessly chic and elegant. The stunning white agate watch collection is perfect for every woman who knows her own style and designs her own life. Not only is white agate beautiful in its simplicity it’s also extremely versatile and wearable.

Known as the stone for soothing, each white agate dial is uniquely sourced and cut with a natural, unique finish.

Traditionally exhibiting naturally forming coloured bands or markings, the semi-precious white agate crystal often displays muted pastel hues of white and cream with a subtle marbled effect. A stone of development and precision, white agate is ideal for cleansing and transformation. Not only is white agate an aesthetically beautiful stone, it also offers numerous benefits. Known to soothe and calm creating a sense of clarity. Which stone will you choose for your Sophia Jackson watch?

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